About Us

The MMS Inc. is based in Toronto, having intention to expand in time to other areas of Canada. It is run by a group of God fearing faithful, trustworthy and reliable person who have serious commitment to their community

Muslim Marriage Services Inc. is a non-profit and community based organization . It is committed to the following activities for the community.

The corporation's activity started on the very next day of its incorporation. It was federally incorporated with the hope that it will work through whole of Canada and even beyond.

Initially we have started work in Toronto.. However, with the gradual expansion of our activities will take us to work in other areas .

So deeply concerned with above mentioned issues, the following people came forward to establish this organization as the Sponsors and initial Directors:

In addition to the Board of Directors , we have different teams for working on the various aspects of our programs. In forming the working teams, we have gathered capable team leaders and members from outside the Board of Directors. The following are the Leaders of these Teams

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